Today, my daughter Delaney and I had quite an adventure with Lydia’s litter of four puppies at my nephew’s school. We drove them about two hours away today to have this special visit. Our sweet little puppies fell in love with the all of the wonderful students in my three nephews classes. Delaney did a presentation on animal caregiving and love.hava school visit (18) She showed all of the students what is was like to care for these beautiful puppies while the students cuddled and played with them. They learned how often the puppies eat and how it feels to have their little faces kissed by puppy tongues. They learned a little bit about puppy communication and that when a puppies tail is held down between their legs that it probably  means that he or she is scared. They also loved when the puppies held their tails up high and wagged them happily and playfully. They learned how to hold a puppy so that they feel safe and secure. The student’s learned how small the puppies are at birth and that by 7 or 8 weeks puppies are in their toddler stages rather than their newborn infant stages. They learned about potty pad training as these puppies are already using a potty pad to go to the bathroom. We spent about two hours at the school today and taught a few different classes all about our Havanese. Delaney and I had so much fun sharing with you all! Thank you Caleb,  Ashton and Josh for letting us visit with all of your friends! We hope to see you again next year.

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