Submitted by Marlee –
My family and I have always considered ourselves “dog people”. So naturally, when our dog of 14 years passed away we were heartbroken. He was an intricate part of our family, and after he was gone there was something missing in all of our lives. There wasn’t the jingling of a dog collar, or the tapping of little doggie paws on the hardwood floor and honestly, it felt a little weird! After a few months I started researching dog breeds (despite my mothers wishes) and began relentlessly bombarding her with pictures of Havanese puppies. Nobody can resist a Havanese puppy.

olive Then I stumbled upon Heavenly Havanese and it being surprisingly close, I secretly knew we would be making a trip there soon, and we did! When we saw Olive there was no turning back. My mom and I loved her and couldn’t leave without knowing she would be ours in a few short weeks. She has grown so much in the short 5 months we have had her! She has her own personality which is full of sass, and cleverness.

marlee oliveSome of Olive’s favorite things are socks, shoe laces, and any type of paper. All of which are an adventure to try and retrieve from her. She knows how to sit, come (most of the time) and drop it (whenever it’s not a sock, shoe lace or paper). Having a puppy can be a lot of work, but it’s all worth it to come home to something that is always, no matter what, happy and excited to see you. My family and I are overjoyed to have a furry friend back in my life, thanks to Heavenly Havanese. 

– Marlee