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Julie is the owner of Heavenly Havanese, an AKC Havanese breeder in Michigan.

Gracie Living the Good Life!

Just up the road and a little way north of the Detroit Metro area is where you will find some of the best dogs… ever! Havanese dogs are quickly becoming a first choice among people to bring into their homes and families. Their affectionate and genuinely sweet disposition make them excellent all- around family [...]

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Matcha Stole Their Hearts!

Written by: Kabrina R. Wow! Our lives really changed when we brought home our sweet and beautiful Hava girl Matcha. From the moment we laid eyes on her, she stole our hearts. As she grew, Matcha’s transformation was entrancing. She went from being a sweet, quiet pup to a curious teenager (at about 9 months) [...]

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Marlee & Olive – Two Peas in a Pod

Submitted by Marlee - My family and I have always considered ourselves "dog people". So naturally, when our dog of 14 years passed away we were heartbroken. He was an intricate part of our family, and after he was gone there was something missing in all of our lives. There wasn't the jingling of a dog [...]

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Heavenly Havanese Visits a School

Today, my daughter Delaney and I had quite an adventure with Lydia's litter of four puppies at my nephew's school. We drove them about two hours away today to have this special visit. Our sweet little puppies fell in love with the all of the wonderful students in my three nephews classes. Delaney did a [...]

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