Charlie is the daughter of Our Heavenly China as well as Granddaughter of Our Heavenly Lucy. Both Lucy and China are now retired. We have carefully selected Charlie out of these popular and well sought after bloodlines.

Charlie is glowing with radiance. She is a happy young girl who loves to be with her Havanese family. She is loving and playful. She loves to be held and pet. She is very observant and loves to watch everything around her. She has a more reserved personality and enjoys a cozy cuddle rather than a roughhouse wrestle. Charlie will do most anything for a delicious treat!

Charlie is a stunning red sable with white markings. Her coat is wavy and soft. She has a cute button nose and beautiful big brown eyes. Her hair grows to the ground and is easier to maintain. Her tail is long and flowing. She gets quite a lot of compliments by all who meet her.