Eddy The Daddyo

Eddy is My Lil Buddy! Eddy And Lucy Grew Up Together And Out Of All Our Havs… Eddy Prefers To Hang Around With Lucy! He Loves To Cuddle With Her And Play With Her Too. Eddy Is A Small Lil Guy And Weighs Just 6 Lbs. He Is Afraid Of Nothing… Accept For Storms.

He Protects And Looks After All Of The Havs Just Like It Is His Job! He Loves To Sleep At My Feet And Will Run Like The Wind And Jump Up On The Bed When He Knows Its Time To Cuddle. Eddy Will Follow Me All Over The House From Room To Room Watching Over Me As I Get My Work Done. He Is A Very Loyal Companion. Eddy Likes To Go For Car Rides And For Walks. He Loves To Explore And Discover New Things And People.

He Is Very Affectionate And Will Let Everybody Pet Him. He Does Not Know A Stanger. Eddy Will Also Spin In Circles When He Is Excited And He Wants To Tell You Yes Yes Yes! Eddy Is A Very Good And Proud Dad. He Likes To Play With All The Puppies When They Are Old Enough. He Really Enjoys Going Outside With Them. He Will Watch Over Them To Make Sure That They All Stay Safe! Eddy Is A White Dog With Light Apricot On His Ears. He Has A Few Black Spots On His Body. He Has Huge Loving Eyes That Are Expressive And Full Of Life! He Is Just A Great Dog!!!