The Adoption Process

1. Research

Learn About the Breed

Research the Havanese breed. Decide if a Havanese is a good choice for you and your family’s lifestyle.

2. Browse

Look Through the Heavenly Havanese Website

Browse the Heavenly Havanese website. Read about our dogs. Discover our upcoming available puppy litters. Learn if Heavenly Havanese has available puppies now.

3. Contact

Email or Call Julie

Contact Julie via the Contact page or by phone at (517) 294-3001. Ask any questions necessary to find out more information about our available puppies or upcoming litters.

4. Appointment

Come & Visit

Set up an appointment to come and visit Heavenly Havanese if you are local. If you are out of state or live far away… I can send you plenty of pictures of available puppies or their parents via email or text picture messaging.

5. Decide

Select an Available Puppy

Decide on an available puppy to make your own. Or decide to wait for an upcoming litter. Place a deposit via personal check or using our PayPal method. Note: In regards to placing a deposit on an upcoming litter… Pick of the litter places in line depends on the order of the deposit received. Before a litter is born I will only reserve two to three puppies per litter.

6. Plan

Arrangements for Shipping or Pickup

Discuss shipping and or pick up of your Heavenly Havanese and about what date your new friend will be able to come home with you.

7. Learn

Read About the Havanese

While waiting for you Heavenly Havanese puppy it is a good idea to read material regarding Havanese and their proper care. You can find a lot of helpful information about Havanese dogs online and on our website as well.  Be sure to check out our page – Bringing Home Your New Puppy – for some important tips and advice.

8. Join

Become a Hava Member

It’s Here!  – Our New Facebook Closed Group for Heavenly Havanese Families

This helpful option is a service that we are happy to provide to you upon the purchase of your Heavenly Havanese. It enables you to keep in contact easily with Heavenly Havanese and any other Hava Families that have our Heavenly Havas too. You will be able to keep in touch with the litter mates of your dog and its other siblings as well. It is an online forum that is part of our website here. You will be able to ask questions, get advice and learn about ideas that may have worked well for other members too. It is a Facebook Group that we can’t wait to get started! We would love to see the puppy and dog pics that you will become so proud of. We treasure hearing your stories of how these little guys are doing in your home.        CLICK

9. Shopping

Get the Items Your Hava Puppy Will Need

Consider shopping for the following items that your puppy will need when you bring him or her home. Please consider shopping through links right on our website. We have affiliations with all the great sources for puppy supplies. By shopping through our affiliates you will get the same great prices and we get a little reward too.

  • Diamond Naturals Dry Food
  • Dog food bowls – Here is a cute one:
  • A small crate and bed.
  • An XPen to keep your puppy safe and out of trouble when he or
    she is not being supervised.
  • Plenty of paper towels
  • Chew Toys
  • Leash and collar
  • Brush and comb
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Dog shampoo


And finally, I personally recommend the Spotty Potty Training system.