I am even more intelligent than I look …

If a person is thinking about getting a new dog for his or her family, that person may wish to consider the Havanese breed. This is a dog that originates from breeding in Cuba, and has been made somewhat more famous due to celebrities such as Barbara Walters owning them.

One of the easiest dog breeds to train due to it playful nature, is the Havanese. With its royal heritage, the Havanese is considered a cooperative student during training and will welcome instruction as it aims to please its owner. Although small in stature, it does not present itself as being fragile. Its sturdy frame and seemingly endless energy make the Havanese standard one of the most sought-after toy dogs for pets.

From its beginnings in aristocracy, it has worked as a faithful companion, a child’s playmate and watchdog. It is also a popular breed for showing around the world. It is usually not aggressive and will seldom bark unless playing, but will sound a vocal alarm is approached by a stranger. Usually a simple word from its owner, however will quiet the animal quickly. 

The Havanese puppy is generally a mild-mannered, affectionate dog that is relatively easy to train and enjoyable to have around. These dogs are eager to please and intelligent creatures, which is probably why they were a popular choice a circus perfomers for many years. These cute puppies will generally weigh between seven and fifteen pounds when full grown, and will stand at a height of eight to eleven inches. Their compact size make them a good choice for house and apartment living alike.