Lucy… You Got Somsplainin to Doo!

Lucy and Eddy were our first Havanese. They have grown up together. Lucy is the Boss! She always explains to the rest of us what is up and what is going On! By nature Havanese are not yappy barkers. Oh… they will definitely inform you if someone is at the door but shortly after they quiet down again. Lucy… She is the first one to bark to let us know anything! She will let the other Havs know so they can warn us too.

Lucy has a very loving and pleasing personality. She is playful and on the go. She wants to talk to us so badly and will spin around in close circles to tell us yes or that she is excited! When it is time to go outside she will spin until the door opens and then sometimes even afterwards as she tells all the others to join her outside.

Lucy loves to be petted and will sit in your lap enjoying the pet for as long as you let her. She listens well and is very attentive! If you tell lucy that she is pretty she will rub her cheeks with her paws to explain to you that she is happy that you think so! Lucy is a loving mom! She takes wonderful care of her puppies. She does spend a whole lot of time with them, she has a lot of patience with them and teaches them many valuable social skills as they grow! Lucy is a great gift in our lives. We are blessed that she is with us!

She is a black and tan dog with cream markings. As she grew her black changed to charcoal. There is a gene that causes this color change to occur called the chinchilla gene. Lucy has a great coat of thick wavy hair! She is a beautiful Havanese! Lucy typically has one black and tan puppy in her litters. She also has had black and white Irish pieds, black and white parti colored, cream and white, gold and white, and clear colored red and white Irish pied puppies. She has rainbow colored litters of puppies with great variation to the color.

Lucy is pregnant now and we are accepting deposits on her litter that is due on January 20th 2013! You can be among the first to hava hav born in 2013!