Molly… Good Golly Miss Mollerton

That’s what we call our molly sometimes. Im not sure why it just seems to fit her well. If i call her in from playing outside… I call “molly mollers”  and she just comes runnin! She loves affection and will sit on mine and yours or anybody’s lap furrrreevvveerr! Molly is the sweetest, most laid back and humble Havanese. She waits for everyone else to finish eating before she begins but when she is eating the other dogs know to leave her alone. She means business.

Molly loves her bones and her treats. She will hide them in the yard and return to enjoy them later. I gave her a steak subway sandwich once… She wrapped it up, back in the wrapper, to save it. Molly is friends with everyone. She loves to have her tummy petted. A stranger can approach her and she will roll over tail wagging just waiting for a tummy rub! She loves attention but she patiently waits for you to give her time. She is just the sweetest! She is the most attentive mom to her puppies that I have ever seen; taking care of all of their cleanliness needs and all other needs way after they are weaned. She has the most patience out of all of our havs!

Molly has a wonderful coat of hair and she reminds me of a teddy bear. She is very fluffy and her hair is very soft. She is black and white Irish pied with a black head and eyes and white around her muzzle.