Reeses Sweet Reeses!!!

Reese is a sweet little Havanese! She is white and red sable Irish pied! Her sable guard hair colors have faded accept in her ears… Leaving her a white and apricot color as an adult! She weighs 10 lbs. When Reese was a puppy she was a tad bit sassy; the sweet kind of sassy. She did everything to try to win our attention… And win it she did as well as our affection.

Reese walks on a leash perfectly without a flaw and always has since day her first day walking on one. She loves her walks. Reese is always smiling and, now that she is an adult, she wants to do everything to please. She is a very happy sweet girl with nothing but love to give! Reese is very playful and loves to wrestle with our neo!

She loves to run through the yard at full speed chasing our kids and playing with them! Reese has the biggest beautiful brown eyes full of loyal admiration for her family!