Sadie, My Friend

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Am I allowed to have a favorite? If I were allowed to have a favorite Sadie would be her! She is such a great Havanese! She is so loving and attentive. Sadie follows me everywhere I go. She can be a little bit headstrong at times, trying to tell me what she thinks she is going to do rather than what I would like for her to do… But we are working on that.

Sadie always has a smile and just loves to be loved! She is extremely intelligent and playful. I would love to spend time on an agility course with her because she is agile and focused but also so much fun! Sadie is always at my heal following wherever I go. She wants to be part of it all! She is also a great mom! She loves to play with her puppies and spends a lot of time teaching them how to be great dogs!

Sadie weighs 9 lbs. She is on the smaller side of the breed standard. Sadie is an Irish pied white and apricot with charcoal agouti colored Havanese. She has the best coat of hair. It is thick and flowing and very easy to maintain. Sadie’s puppies are typically very uniquely marked with beautiful colors. Sadie is a great companion and friend!