Tasha has an exceptionally beautiful shade of jet black hair. Sometimes if the sun catches her hair, it has a shiny silhouette of light. She has a long straight to wavy coat that grows to the ground. Her eyes are deep brown and hold a sense of superiority.

Tasha is a friendly and playful dog. She has a happy, go lucky personality. She loves to run and enjoys conquering any obstacles in her path. Tasha is confident and very smart, enticing all others to play with her. She loves to explore new areas, and is very curious about our other farm animals. She is always patient and well behaved when being bathed and groomed. Tasha enjoys playing with a variety highly recommended and well loved dog toys.

Tasha is one of our most trusted moms. She is excellent at delivering, whelping, nursing and caring for, each and every one of her babies. She is extremely attentive and is meticulous at making sure her puppies have everything they need. She truly enjoys being a mother.