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Hi there everyone! Welcome to Heavenly Havanese! We are grateful that you have stopped in for a visit! We do have puppies that are currently available to reserve! Please contact Julie at 517 294 3001! We are so happy to help you find your next best friend!

We have puppies available to reserve now! Reach out and get your information to us to Reserve a puppy!

Heavenly Havanese Latest News…

Hi there everyone! Thank you for visiting.. We hope that you are all well and safe! Wow… just WOW 2020/21 What a year to remember!!! Crazy busy year! We have had a High School Graduation and a College Graduation! Four young adults all in college… from home! Our youngest is going into 11th grade but wow all of 10th grade was remote! We have gotten used to working from home and are experiencing a new normal. Our dogs are loving ALL of our attention! …And such a beautiful companionship they bring to us.. We are loving them SO much and we are SO thankful for them all every day!!!

We need to start out by letting you know that we DO have puppies that are available to reserve at this time. There are only a few available and they will find families very fast! We are also actively accepting Reservations now for our litters that will go home in November and December of 2021 as well as for our Spring/Summer of 2022 litters.

We have had a very rewarding, very busy, very loving and just amazing year here at Heavenly Havanese! We just want to thank all of you for that! Thank you for visiting our website, watching our videos and loving our dogs and puppies! Thanks to those who have brought our puppies into your every day lives! Thank you for all of your encouragement and compliments too. Time sure does fly on by fast! Here are some recent updates on our summer litters to share with you all! Watch our latest videos here…

We are praying for our world each day… that you might all find the Joy that Jesus brings to our lives when we live in God’s will for His glory! Love Him with ALL of our mind, body and soul… and love our neighbors like we love ourselves… with all of our might!!! Our world depends on it! It all hinges on this!

We are in the process of working on our newly rebuilt Heavenly Havanese website now. Please be on the lookout in the next year for new changes and for the new website to go live! We will have new pages made for our most current Heavenly Havanese dogs in our breeding program. They are direct descendants of our first Hava Family that began 12 years ago… as we now are working on our 6th, 7th and 8th Heavenly Havanese Generations.

Check out our latest videos here…
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Puppies 2021

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Margo June 2020

Tiffany June 2020

Pearl June 2020

Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Pearl June 2020

Just look at those Baby Blue’s!

Wow is this guy ever so beautiful.  He has a family patiently waiting for him to be old enough to home.

At Heavenly Havanese, we are all just in love with Alice’s blue-eyed boy.

Julie Sends Millie Home

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Meet Reed!

Hi Everyone... Heavenly Havanese Invites You to Meet Reed! Reed was born on March 21 2020 to Alice and Tobey here at Heavenly Havanese! This little puppy has spent each day with [...]

Avery’s Litter – Decisions…Decisions

Avery’s Litter is quite amazing! Avery’s little boy is going to become a diabetic medical alert dog for the little girl who he is going to live with. He is bright, alert, loyal and confident! [...]

The Best Puppies Come From Heavenly Havanese

Hannah & Daisy

Hannah and Daisy

Hannah & Daisy

Hannah & Daisy

Hannah & Daisy

Hannah (black & white) is Brook’s puppy.  Daisy (white & apricot) is Lydia’s girl.  They love to play together all day!

4 Reasons to Choose a Havanese

Sweet & Playful

Havanese give lots of love and affection.  There are few things cuter than a Havanese puppy!



Havanese are intelligent dogs that are relatively easy to train and enjoyable to have around.

Great Family Dogs

The delightful Havanese is a Toy breed which is exceptionally well suited to a family with children.


Havanese give lots of love and affection.  There are few things cuter than a Havanese puppy!

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