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Hi Everyone! Can you believe it’s almost Spring? Well, it certainly feels like Spring here in Michigan! Here is the best news though…

We HAVE puppies!!! They were born just a few weeks ago and are growing up quickly. They will be able to go to homes with their families near the end of March 2023. Some of these gorgeous sweethearts are reserved but… some are available to reserve! Please reach out for more information regarding our latest litters of Heavenly Havanese puppies! Check out our pictures on our Available Puppies page as well! And as always… THANK YOU so much for visiting us here at Heavenly Havanese!

We are excited to introduce to you our two newest Heavenly Havanese puppies that we are adding to our family! Please meet Motown Marty and Poindexter! We have been enjoying spending time with these sweet youngsters this spring and we are loving their budding personalities! Follow along with us throughout this Summer and Fall to watch them grow up here with us!

We have puppies available to reserve now! Reach out and get your information to us to Reserve a puppy!

Heavenly Havanese Latest News…

Hi Everyone… Welcome to Heavenly Havanese! We are glad you are visiting. Days sure go by fast here with these beautiful Havanese dogs! What a blessing it is to share our lives with these amazing and loyal companions!

We have some exciting news to share with you. Our newest Summer litters have been born! We have a waiting list of families who have reservations placed, however, we do have puppies that are available to reserve as well. Please reach out to me via email or you can call me at 5172943001.

Thanks so much for checking out our Havanese! We are looking forward to helping you find your next best friend!

Have a beautiful blessed day!

Rachels girl…Born August 3rd. She is as sweet as they come! Reserve your Heavenly Havanese today!

Our Puppies

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Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Pearl June 2020

Just look at those Baby Blue’s!

Wow is this guy ever so beautiful.  He has a family patiently waiting for him to be old enough to home.

At Heavenly Havanese, we are all just in love with Alice’s blue-eyed boy.

Julie Sends Millie Home

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Meet Reed!

Hi Everyone... Heavenly Havanese Invites You to Meet Reed! Reed was born on March 21 2020 to Alice and Tobey here at Heavenly Havanese! This little puppy has spent each day with [...]

Avery’s Litter – Decisions…Decisions

Avery’s Litter is quite amazing! Avery’s little boy is going to become a diabetic medical alert dog for the little girl who he is going to live with. He is bright, alert, loyal and confident! [...]

The Best Puppies Come From Heavenly Havanese

Hannah & Daisy

Hannah and Daisy

Hannah & Daisy

Hannah & Daisy

Hannah & Daisy

Hannah (black & white) is Brook’s puppy.  Daisy (white & apricot) is Lydia’s girl.  They love to play together all day!

4 Reasons to Choose a Havanese

Sweet & Playful

Havanese give lots of love and affection.  There are few things cuter than a Havanese puppy!



Havanese are intelligent dogs that are relatively easy to train and enjoyable to have around.

Great Family Dogs

The delightful Havanese is a Toy breed which is exceptionally well suited to a family with children.


Havanese give lots of love and affection.  There are few things cuter than a Havanese puppy!

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And Don’t Forget About the Dog Toys…

Your Furever Friend Has Lots of Energy and Loves to Play!