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Heavenly Havanese is located in our home on five acres in a beautiful country area of Michigan.
We have a very large loving family with seven children who enjoy playing with our puppies and with all of our dogs! Our dogs are very much apart of our family! We love to include them on vacations or just sitting on our lap for a nap. We are very fortunate to have the wonderful dogs that we do. They truly are THE BEST DOGS EVER!

We love to spend time outdoors enjoying nature. Walks on our trails and sitting by our pond are moments that we treasure. We enjoy a good bonfire and spending vacations camping. We love animals of all kinds… We even had a couple of piglets for a moment… but that is a whole other story! Bobby loves to listen to the birds and watch them fly… I love the clouds and marvel at the majestic sky!

[/one_half_last] We both love to spend time with God and try our best each day to let Him lead us in all that we do.

We both enjoy riding and driving machines that go fast! Quads are great fun to race down the trails! Fast cars are sometimes a little too fast for me but never fast enough for Bobby! He is a car guy through and through! I love flying in planes, it is so fun for me to think of the distance that can be covered in such a short amount of time in the air. It is incredible to look down at the ground and see the Earth from those heights!

Bobby and I both love taking the time to enjoy a great cup of coffee together and just being in each others company. I love to laugh with him and he makes me smile all the time. God made the most wonderful man for me. I am in awe when I think of how blessed I am to love and be loved by him!

Our amazing SEVEN children… The oldest is 17 and counting… five of them are teenagers… And the youngest is 7. We love spending our time loving them and teaching them! We strive everyday to teach them to grow up to become happy responsible adults who love life and know God! They are the most important loves of our lives! Such adorable children and we are so blessed to have each moment with them all! They are all each an amazing gift to us both! They all have beautiful hearts! They are all creative! Each one of them is an artist! They all love to joke around and play together!


They appreciate their own quiet time too. Some are cheerleaders and some love to sing… Some love to play video games and some want to make video games when they grow up. We have an Elf Warrior, and a Princess who wants to be a dog trainer. We have a Car Kid and a couple of Tumbler Acrobats always flipping around. A Sweetheart Dreamer. We have Mud Truck fans and one who is “All Grown Up”. We have Honor Roll Students and a few that we always have to remind to “turn that homework in!” We have fanatics of music and The Arts. We have a lot of children YES! But that = a whole lot of LOVE!

Bobby is an Author, He writes the instructions for Auto Company’s and the Vehicle Manuals on how to repair vehicles! He loves cars and loves to fix things. He is a genius when it comes to figuring out how something works. Although sometimes he would rather just be riding than fixing. He will humbly climb down off of his favorite ride to make sure that somebody else’s (whatever it is) is running right! He always puts others before him. He has the biggest heart I have ever known.

I work at home raising our Children, our Havanese Dogs and all the Puppies. I will raise the puppy that may become yours someday if you choose. I love what I do and it is extremely rewarding.

I love the LOVE that finds me with each and every puppy and I love the thought of sharing that LOVE with you. I fall in LOVE with each puppy that shares our home. Each puppy that leaves here has a piece of my heart forever. Some days I actually get to spend cuddling with dogs… Its true. Some days my back is facing the kitchen as I face the sink with shampoo up to my shoulders, bathing and grooming for hours on end. [/one_half_last]


Some days can be smelly… (We will talk about that in the potty training section of this site)  Some days are spent walking with the dogs out in the yard soaking up the sun. Each day is filled with so much! Some days are easier than others and some days are more fun than others too. Some days may face me with a strange or awkward adventure. Some days are filled with extreme excitement. Some days are quiet and very peaceful… All days I seek to find the Joy that EVERY DAY God has made for me. I hope to show that Joy to others in all that I do!


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

– Phil 4:13