We would love for you all to meet Our Heavenly Tobey… He is a rare red brindle Havanese with such amazing spunk and character!

This fella is incredibly smart! He is always ready for some wrestling, happy to be cuddling, or a game of obstacles! He sits for treats or for pets. He lays down when he is asked and he comes excitedly when we call for him! He loves a good game of fetch too!

He has learned basic commands and is going to be working on a few more tricks with us! Tobey loves to jump on the bed for a nap and knows he shouldn’t if he’s been playing out in the mud!

He is a young ‘teenage’ pup and won’t be a year old until this coming June. He gets along great with everyone here at Heavenly Havanese. We are just so pleased with how this amazing puppy is growing up to be one beautiful dog!

Thanks for visiting! Keep an eye on this beautiful heartbreaker…  We are very hopeful he will one day be an excellent Sire for our future Heavenly Havanese!
Love and Hugs,