Congratulations on Getting Your New Furever Friend!

It’s important to provide the right care for your new furever friend right from the start.   What you feed your puppy is very important to ensure a long, healthy and happy life together.  You want to make sure you find a Vet and have your puppy checked on a regular schedule according to the Vet’s advice.  You also need to train your puppy.  A well trained furever friend is much happier because you will be much happier as their owner.    

Below are a few recommendations based on our experience.   

Recommended Food for Your Puppy

Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice

For Adult Dogs after 1 year old.

Diamond Adult Food

1-1.5 cups per day.

*This is a recommended baseline and may vary depending on your puppy.

Veterinary Care:

  • Your Puppy has been health checked at Imlay City Veterinary Clinic (810-724-5125)
  • Within 72 hours of bringing your puppy home, please have him/her seen by your veterinarian as well.
  • We highly recommend that you DO NOT give the Lepto vaccine to your puppy. Havanese can have allergic reactions to this vaccine.
  • The 1st set of Canine Spectra 5-way vaccinations have been given to your puppy. The 2nd set will be needed in 2 weeks and their 3rd set in 4 weeks.
  • Rabies vaccination should be give after 4 months old.
  • A Neuter or Spay should be performed after 7 months old.

Potty and Crate Training Recommendations:

12X14X18 crate sizes work well for training your 8-16 week old puppy. They need enough space to stand up and turn around without touching the top of the crate. If they have too much room, they will go potty in the crate.

He/She may or may not outgrow this small size crate. A 7-10lb adult Havanese will typically fit in the small size crate comfortably. A 10lb+ will need a larger size crate (24 inch).

Your puppy will need to go potty often. They need to have consistency during training to be successful. Please let them out to go potty as soon as they wake up or after they eat. They will also need to be let out frequently to go potty during playtime. You will not need to wake your puppy from a nap to go potty.