Just up the road and a little way north of the Detroit Metro area is where you will find some of the best dogs… ever! Havanese dogs are quickly becoming a first choice among people to bring into their homes and families. Their affectionate and genuinely sweet disposition make them excellent all- around family dogs. They are friendly and loving with people of all walks of life and people of all ages. They are a loyal dog and thrive on having a relationship with their people. These dogs are intuitive and smart, making them easy to train. Because of their toy breed size, Havanese travel well and love to join their families on adventures and outings. Because they are hypoallergenic and possess such great personalities, they make incredible certified therapy dogs. With proper training, they can be brought into hospital settings to offer a sincere therapy pal to someone in need. They also are wonderful little athletes and can be trained to perform in the agility trial sport. Havanese are playful and energetic as well as doting and cuddly. Whatever you are doing, they will want to follow along and do with you. Havanese have a unique character and will quickly become your best friend!

Native to Cuba, these little furry companions made their way from near extinction to the United States in the 1970’s. The breed has been growing in popularity ever since. Here at Heavenly Havanese, located in the thumb of Michigan, we have been working diligently on preserving the Havanese breed true to its original breed standards coming out of the native Cuban bloodlines. Our Heavenly Havanese dogs’ heritage can be traced back to the first 11 dogs that were brought here from Cuba. It has truly been a blessing to work with these adorable little friends.

Heavenly Havanese puppies have brought insurmountable joy to many families in Michigan as well as across the United States. The Warg family is one of the families that we have come to know and love as one of our Hava Families. When Becky Warg first contacted me, she was heartbroken and grieving the loss of her Westie Dog, Millie, of 16 years. Upon recommendation from her veterinarian, Becky inquired about our dogs. She assured me that if she ever did bring another puppy home that it would be very well loved, a puppy princess in the making! I let Becky know that while she would never be able to replace her beloved Millie, that there would be room in her heart and life for new adventures and memories to be made with a Heavenly Havanese puppy. Soon after, Heavenly Tasha had a litter of puppies and Gracie was born! From the breeder’s standpoint, Gracie was the favorite from Tasha’s litter. Becky and her husband Dana came to meet the puppies and fell in love with their Gracie too.

At Heavenly Havanese, we breed for health, temperament, structure, and breed standard characteristics here in our program. I am also fascinated with the Havanese color genetics and I absolutely love the colors and markings of Gracie. There are many color combinations to the Havanese breed. They come in rainbows of colors! What other dog breed has such diversity in color? You can see the vast variety of colors and markings on the Heavenly Havanese website and enjoy puppy pictures galore. Gracie’s stunning white markings on black are among my very favorite.

Our Heavenly Havanese puppies are raised here in our home with us until they are eight weeks old or older. We were blessed to be able to raise Gracie and watch her become the intelligent and loving puppy that she is today. We have also been fortunate to have her come back to visit us on a few occasions. I truly think that having Gracie in her life has helped to heal Becky’s grieving heart.

There is just not another breed of dog that quite compares to the Havanese. Sociable and friendly, they are so loving and always aim to please. Because they are bred for companionship, that is what they do best. They just want to be around their family and only want your love in return. Each and every dog and puppy really do have their own personalities, however, they do stay true to the characteristic of the breed itself. Havanese will welcome all and are generally not territorial. Havanese are not overly talkative or loud. They do not bark too much or for long periods of time. They typically enjoy grazing on their food and do not tend to overeat. They love long walks with their people but also do well with short fast run-and-chase games in the backyard. Havanese are a toy breed and pack a ton of personality into their little selves. They learn all kinds of games and tricks and communicate very well with their loved ones. They can be full of comical little traits and enjoy making people giggle and smile. Some Havanese will even smile back at you!

Gracie is just over a year old now and you can see how special that she really is. She has become a loved and important member of her family. Gracie is one of many Heavenly Havanese that have helped to heal a broken heart. As all families will find themselves going through the mountains and valleys of this life, having a dog to offer you unconditional love and give you someone to care for is such a gift. We are thankful to be able to provide that joy to families through our Heavenly Havanese puppies.