We haven’t seen this much ice and snow in Michigan in a very long time! Winter 2014 Havs

Our Havanese here at Heavenly Havanese have very mixed feelings about all this cold white stuff! Some of them love it… Some not so much!Lydia Snowballs

We have made them little paths in the yard through the snow to be able to get their daily exercise on. They don’t love to run through the yard and sink right over their heads in the snow. They do love to run through the snow paths. China Wants to Play Outside

So they still get to play “chase” one of their very favorite games.

Lydia and Dozer both love to play outside in the snow so much. They will toss the fluffy white stuff up into the air and have what looks to me like snowball fights. They stay out longer than anyone else and they look at me funny when I ask them to come in too soon for their liking. Every one else seems to go outside and want to come back in very quickly.

This winter we have been busy with our puppies and staying warm. We have moved feet of snow and are enjoying every minute. Winter 2014 SunsetCabin fever does begin to get us on some of these cold afternoons but we, like most of the rest of the North Mid Eastern USA have just been counting our blessings and pushing through the snow.Delaney and China

WE currently have three litters of puppies to cuddle up with and keep warm. Sadie, Molly and Monroe each have litters that we are raising now. Lucy is pregnant with what will be her last litter. She is due in March. If you may be interested in an adorable Havanese please do contact us soon. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and keep warm!Sadies Winter Litter